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Maybe many of us have heard or seen air conditioners, especially for those who use these devices or have ever felt cool air when the weather is very hot in a room, whether it’s a room, living room or even in an office.

But maybe there are also many who have never heard the term air conditioner or even seen the object. For example, those who live in mountainous areas or who have very cold temperatures and have never been to a city or a hot room as in an office in urban areas for example.

Well, it doesn’t matter if you have never heard of what an air conditioner is (see detail on wikipedia), or for those of you who have often heard the term air conditioner or even often use it in an office or mall.

Service spare parts will discuss in detail starting from the basics such as questions that people often ask via search engines about What is air conditioner? And about the knowledge and problems of air conditioner that are in everyday life.

What Is Air Conditioner ?

Air Conditioner is a device that is used to cool a room so that the temperature in the room is maintained. For more detail about Air Conditioner explanation, please visit What Is Air Conditioner System?

Air conditioners have principles and work methods that are quite complicated, but here will be briefly explained  How Air Conditioner Work in general.

How Does Air Conditioner Work ?

Simply put, the purpose or task of an Air Conditioner device is to keep the air temperature in a room to remain stable.
So this is how it works from a short Air Conditioner:
The air in a room that tends to have a high temperature will be lowered according to what is desired, for example, the indoor air temperature is needed by 18 degrees Celsius, then the Air Conditioner device will work to keep the indoor temperature within 18 limits degrees Celsius.

That is a simple and general description of How Does Air Conditioner Work to cool a room. For more detailed explanation, please visit How Does Air Conditioner System Work To Cooling Your Room.

To be able to know more about How Air Conditioner Work, it takes knowledge of how each component works that are interrelated with each other.
Before getting to know more about How Air Conditioner Work, we must first know part by part in an Air Conditioner device.

Parts Of Air Conditioner

In general, every Air Conditioner device has components or parts that are almost available on any brand, model and type of air conditioner. This component is a system that forms to make the air in a room stable.

Here are some Parts of Air Conditioner that is almost found in an air conditioning system. 

  • Evaporator,
  • Compressor,
  • Condenser and
  • Expansion device

Meanwhile, to see more fully about the Parts of Air Conditioner system, as well as those found in every type of Air Conditioner, visit Parts Of Air Conditioner and functions.

In the air conditioning industry, Air Conditioner is divided into several types that are tailored to the needs in the community. every type of Air Conditioner is usually adjusted to the size of the room, the ability of the electric power and the budget of users of Air Conditioner.

Types Of Air Conditioner

There are several types of air conditioner that can be used for homes, offices or a certain room that requires air temperature to remain stable.

In addition to the above requirements, this type of air conditioner is also to meet the needs of the community which can be chosen based on several reasons such as budget, power bill, room size, power strength.

The types of Air Conditioner that are available today and are widely marketed, both the US region and other countries in the world are
Portable Air Conditioner, Split Air Conditioner, Window Air Conditioner, Central Air Conditioner, Hybrid Air Conditioner and for a large room usually use a combination of several devices at once, namely for Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning or often referred to as HVAC. Visit Types Of Air Conditioner System for more detail.

Every you buy new any types of air conditioner for home, office or building, you have to get installation before use it to cooling your room.

Best Air Conditioner Brands

In the market there are many brands of air conditioner brands in circulation, both cheap and expensive.
You just have to choose one of the best AC brands so you won’t be disappointed later on.

But how to choose a good and durable air conditioner brand and what is the best air conditioner brands most recommended?
For that you can read the reviews of 10 The Best Air Conditioner Brands in U.S

By choosing the best air conditioner brand, besides being durable, it will be easy to do maintenance or repair if there is damage to the air conditioner unit. After you know all best brands for air conditioner you need, maybe you want know how to buy air conditioner easily.

How To Buy An Air Conditioner Unit

To get an air conditioner machine that suits our needs and expectations, then there are some things you need to pay attention to.

Some important things to consider before buying an air conditioning unit include the amount of energy consumed when the air conditioner works to cool a room in your house or office. see How To Buy Air Conditioner Unit easily.

What Size Air Conditioner Do I Need

Every house or room in the house or maybe an office that will be installed new air conditioner needs to pay attention to the size of the room so that it can determine the size of the capacity of the Air Conditioner to be installed.

Maybe you often ask questions What Size Air Conditioner Do I Need, For the answer is depending on the conditions in the field.

Because there are several factors that you need to pay attention to before buying an Air Conditioner Unit, to suit your needs. see more detail about What Size Air conditioner you Really need

New Air Conditioner Cost

Every homeowner have different cost for New  Air  Conditioner Run. it depend on many vary factors. For know detail about how much aor conditioner cost , visit New Air Conditioner Cost explaine more detail.

Air Conditioner Installation

For installation your new air conditioner system, there are 2 option to do it, first you can install air conditioner unit if you have qualified electric experiented, second you call Air condtioner installation profesional services near you.

For more about how to Air conditioner installation instruction best for you, visit Air conditioner installation system

Every Air Conditoner machine in your room, house or even office needs regular maintenance to keep the air in the room cool and comfortable and save energy and also the cost of part replacement is quite expensive.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Maintenance of an Air Conditioner unit must be a very important concern so that Air Conditioner has maintained its durability for years.

You can read more about how Essential Air Conditioner Maintenance for longlife and comfortable.

By routinely maintaining Air Conditioner, it will not only make AC durable but also energy efficient which will ultimately save your electricity bills

Air Conditioner Repair

If the air in your room or home or even your office is not cold due to abnormal working air conditioner, then the steps and the solution is to repair. You can see the outline of how the Air Conditioner Repair is correct.

By knowing how to properly repair Air Conditioner, it will save you money and energy and time.

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How Long Does An Air Conditioner Last Normally

Knowing the age of life or when an Air Conditioner Last is very important, this is needed for a long-term plan if at any time in your home or office suddenly the air feels hot because the cooling water system stops aka damaged.

If an Air Conditioner is time to replace it with a new one, then it is better not to repair it if it is old.

Then how long is it actually a Unit Air Conditioner Last?

You can read in How Long Does Air Conditioner Last Normally. By knowing when you need to repair or replace an AC unit, it will save money and electricity

Stabilizer For Air Conditioner

To ensure that an air conditioner is protected from undesired damage, it is recommended to use a stabilizer.

The stabilizer is used to provide a stable voltage supply. See more in The Importance of Using Stabilizers for Air Conditioner System units.

SEER Rating Air Conditioner

Seasonal energy ratio efficiency or often abbreviated as SEER is a measure used for efficiency of a power consumption on a cooling engine or heating when using electrical power.
In U.S, SEER is the ratio of cooling in British thermal units (BTU) to the energy consumed in watt-hours, see more  on wikipedia

The energy efficiency ratio (SEER) which is defined by the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute in its 2008 AHRI 210/240 standard, Performance Rating of Unitary Air-Conditioning and Air-Source Heat Pump Equipment.

See explanation of the use of standard SEER for Air Conditioner and sample calculations in SEER Air Conditioner Rating.