How Does VGA Port Work?

How Does VGA Port Work? – Understand how the pinout works on the VGA DB 15 port, why it can display the image on the monitor screen and can control the resolution and power shutdown automatically.

About the image display

Basically An image on the monitor screen is generated from a set of pixels or basic color points ie RED, GREEN and BLUE which are dimly lit and bright.

A monitor screen is generally connected to an output source via a VGA port or analog signal. As found on laptop or television models now.

But Do you know, how does a VGA DB 15 port so that it can to display images on the monitor screen ?.

The image on the monitor screen is generated from a set of Pixels

In a monitor screen, whether it is a CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) or LCD (liquid Crystal Display), there is a color arrangement called pixels, it is arranged with groups and forms color-matching blocks RGB (RED, GREEN, BLUE) .

If the three blocks of pixels are illuminated with the same brightness it will produce a pure white color, and vice versa, if the three pixels die it will produce a total dark color.

When the three pixels are illuminated not the same light, it will produce colors in accordance with the law of color RGB. That is, if between one color mixed with another color will produce color as well as in print or painting ink.

And to produce a single image, RGB blocks are blazing, bright and even mixed.
From that combination will produce a full picture that corresponds to the camera catch or editing with image software.

How Does VGA Port Work?

What about the VGA DB 15 connected from a computer or similar equipment to the monitor display to produce images ?.

To answer that, then we must understand each pinout of the VGA port DB 15 itself.

VGA DB 15 male port

VGA DB 15 male port

vga db 15 pinout schematic diagram

Example male pinout VGA DB 15

We will explain briefly and simply related to the picture above.

First of all, an analog signal in the form of RGB (RED, GREEN, BLUE) will be sent through the cable to the VGA port that is pin 1,2,3. Then this signal will be included in the video processor, usually present in one unit with the program chip and microprocessor.

Then at once, two signals H-Sync (Horizontal Syncron) and V-Sync (vertical syncron) are also sent to the VGA port through pins 13 and 14.

The RGB analog signal will vary from 0 v – 0.7 V which will control the video chip of the processor and will produce the image color output in accordance with the original.

H-Sync and V-Sync signals will make a movement to poke RGB pixels from left to right like reading a book.

Then proceed with V sync signal that will make the movement to turn the RGB pixel from top to bottom.

The process occurs repeatedly, very quickly, so it can display what kind of images we can see.

You can learn how the VGA DB 15 works by looking at one of its apps on the following LG Flatron LCD L 1753S monitor. (please download in pdf format)

Download Service or Repair manual LG Flatron Color Monitor L 1753S

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