How To Turn Your Fan Into An Air Conditioner quick and easy

How To Turn Your Fan Into An Air conditioner – hello  welcome back to, in this tutorial i will explain hot to turn your Fan into an air conditioner aka AC.

how to turn a fan into an air conditioner
today I’m gonna show you how to turn a fan into an AC, so it’s very easy and simple and it doesn’t cost much. So basically what you need a fan and we need a fountain pump like that 75 gallon per hour or you can use less no problem.

And what I like in this pump that it has a valve over here to control the water. Flow multi-purpose ties and two to 3/8 flexible tubes and this part over here. It came with the fountain and the copper

tube quarter of an inch. I’ll be using this copper tube, so bear with

me and I’m gonna show you the steps so. First what are we gonna do I’m gonna be removing the screen, if you do not feel

comfortable in doing it, just keep it and you can keep it but it’s a

lot easier for me.  If I would remove the screen so I’m gonna remove the four locks and there you go the screen is out and as you can see.

I can work comfortably and it’s very important, not to forget that this is our top side. Over here so basically the tubes they’re

gonna go. Okay so the next step is we gonna place our tube, the

copper tubes and we’re gonna bring the multi-purpose pie and we’re gonna simply start placing it. So we’re gonna start going all the way and what I like in this tube that.

It’s very flexible and you can control it and you can bend it exactly how you want. Okay guys so now this one is ready, what’s left to do is we’re gonna put it back on the fan. We’re gonna make sure that it’s in its place and we’re gonna put back the box there. You go that’s how it looks like, so now as you can see over here I’m gonna adjust the tubes and I’m gonna bend them, so that’s how it’s supposed to look like and now I’m gonna attach the tubes right here.

So when I turn on the fan there’s no vibration and we’re not gonna hear any sound so. Okay guys so now what I need to do is to install my two 3/8 plastic tubes. Okay guys know that I fight in here everything is good over here. I plugged the fan and I want to make sure that. When I turn it on there is no vibration so that’s the first test perfect.

So there’s no noise of any vibration and now what’s left to do is

I’m gonna plug my pump over here. If you remember before I showed you that disconnection it goes exactly over here like that and now I’m gonna make sure that it’s open completely and we’re

almost done.

Okay guys so this is the final step now this is my cooler. So if

you can see over here I’ve attached the tubes at the same time when I’ve attached the tube to the pump as you see over here,  the return tube I didn’t I had to cut it because I didn’t want to return to go down with the pump. So as you can see on below video over here this is the return to is gonna be always like that and what I’m gonna do I’m gonna attach everything here together because we don’t want our to the return tube to come out of the the cooler and make a mess.

So we’re gonna do is we’re gonna put it like that

and this way we are sure that it will not come out out of the cooler. so as you can see over here the ice temperature is minus 14 minus 13 around.

So that’s exactly what we need and now we can add water and we don’t need more water than this.  I’ve used like three-point something. Liters that’s enough actually because it’s gonna recycle its water.  So as you can see, I’ve added another bag of ice all that’s left to do now is to close my cooler and that’s it there you go.
So now my ice is inside my water is getting cooler now and now it’s time to test the pump and make sure that it’s fucking well and there’s no leaks over here. Let’s check it out, so it’s pumping and so there you go guys. Ss you can see it’s almost between 10 and 11 degrees.
This is really really cold and that proves that this system really works.  It’s amazing so that’s it for today. Thanks for reading this article. And we will see you next time.
For more detail step by step how to turn your fan into an air conditioner easy, watch video below.



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