PDF st 9S429-PG14 or S3515 CMOS datasheet download

PDF st 9S429-PG14 or S3515 datasheet download – Download the schematic diagram or datasheet of IC integrated circuit CMOS model ST 9S429-PG14 or equal to S3515.

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CMOS ST 9S429-PG14

About ST 9S429-PG14

CMOS IC models ST 9S429-PG14 or similar to S3515 are often used on superior PC power supply.

For example use of ST 9S429-PG14 on Power Supply Model Corsair CX430

corsair cx 430 repair

CMOS st 9s429-PG14 on corsair cx 430 Power Supply CPU

Equivalency ST 9S429-PG14

Datasheet for CMOS ST 9S429-PG14 model is hard to find all over the internet, therefore there is a manufacturer company of CMIS ICIS UNISONIC brand which issued CMOS model S3515 which has pin and number of legs and physical form same with ST 9S429-PG14.

CMOS model S3515

S3515 UTC is specially designed for switching power supply
system. It provides over-voltage protection, over-current protection,
under voltage protection, on / off control and a good power plant.

CMOS S3515 pinout

CMOS S3515 pinout

OVP / UVP (Over / Under-Voltage Protection) monitors 3.3V, 5V and
12V double to protect the power supply and our PC, FPO becomes high moment
one of these supply voltages exceeds their normal operating voltage

OCP (Over Current Protection) monitor input IS33, IS5, IS12
current. The voltage difference in the external current shunt is used for
OCP Function An external resistor connected between RI
pin and pin GND can be used to set the protection limit.

achieve better immunity to remove glitch surge and to prevent it
Unintentional power is turned off during dynamic loading conditions,
The de-bounce time for UVP / OCP is 73us each. Left to deglitch
OVP is 73uS for better noise immunity.

The power supply is turned on after 38mS de-bounce moment
The PSON signal is set from high to low. To turn off the power supply, PSON

The signal is set from low to high and de-bounce time is 115mS. When
The input voltage level of PGI is lower than the internal reference 1.15V
voltage, after de-bounce time is 73uS, PGO signal is pulled low

st 9S429-PG14 or S3515 CMOS download datasheet

You can get the replacement datasheet of CMOS st 9S429-PG14, ie S3515 CMOS datasheet.

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