Signs of T-CON Board LED/LCD TV Problems

Many people curious about the signs of the T-CON board LED/LCD TV problems. They do not understand the signs of those problems, so they worry too much about it. However, if you do not understand about it, you can learn it from many sources. If you understand the signs and you replace the T-CON board of your TV early, you will not give more damage to your LED or LCD TV. Because of this reason, it is important to understand the signs of the T-CON board problems for the TVs. T-CON board is the timing control board, so if you ignore the signs of the serious problem, you will find serious damage of your TV.

t-con board led-lcd tv samsung

T-con board led-lcd tv samsung

t-con board led- lcd tv panasonic

T-con board led- lcd tv panasonic

t-con board lcd led lg philips

T-con board lcd led lg philips

The most common sign from the T-CON board is the line that appears often on the screen. Firstly, the appearance is not too much, but it still gives the interruption to the viewer. This condition is very annoying, and if you let it happen to your screen, you will get more line until you cannot see the screen. Some people do not understand it and consider their TV as the broken TV. The only solution from this problem is to change the T-CON board LED/LCD TV, so you will get the clean look on the screen.