What is the difference between EEPROM and flash memory in computer system

What is the difference between EEPROM and flash memory in computer system – Learn more about how ic chip eeprom and flash memory and what the difference between them.


Example ic type eeprom

Examples of some differences in EEPROM and FLASH

winbond 25q32bv flash memory

Example of Type Flash

For professional service or repair electronics, computers or those who are involved in the world of electronics often hear or see an ic or chip eeprom and flash memory, this memory works for any task on the computer, from editing a file to playing video games, that people play a lot using great headsets as the sa902 that are made specialized for gaming.

But ever ask yourself, what is the difference between these two components, where the location of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Physically the shape of the chip or ic eeprom and flash memory may not be much different, but actually when viewed from their datasheet, then both have different features or characteristics.

Chip or ic flash memory has a higher speed when compared with conventional eeprom chips or ic.

For that reason, the flash memory chips are mostly used in sophisticated electronics equipment these days.

Transfer data Speed  for EEPROM Chip

EEPROm only has a data transfer rate of 1 byte only, so it is very slow. To overcome this, then many manufacturers make Flash Memory as a solution.

Transfer data Speed  for Flash Memory Chip

While Flash Memory has a data rate change is quite significant usually 512 bytes in size.

See image below for more difference between EEPROM and FLASH

difference between eepom and flash memory