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Free Download service manual LG LED color TV 24LN41xx – Free download service manual or repair manual for LG LED Color TV model 24LN4100 or 24LN41xx series.

LG 24ln41xx service manual

Brief about service manual

As we know that every electronic product has a guide for users as well as technicians.

The guidance document issued by the tv manufacturer for the user is often referred to as the user manual. As for the interests of reparations and destined for technicians are often called service maual.

A manual service document is required when the associated device is malfunctioning or abnormal.

For some technicians, may have memorized by the workings of an electronic device, including LG LED brand television.

However, using manual service guidelines to repair damage to television sets is essential.

It is given that each device usually has a different type of component even in one brand or factory.

So, by having a guide or service manual of LG tv, then the tv repair work will become easier and faster.

Overview of LG LED TV Color

The output led tv now has fewer components and a smaller pcb form than its predecessor generation.

The disadvantage of LG products now is that the component gets hotter when it is switched on for a long time.

This causes the LED LED LG often suffered damage to parts of the SMD components that are relatively small and less reliable in facing excessive heat.

Here we give an example of damage cases often experienced by LG brand TV models with 24LN41xx model.

In the case that I handle, the TV with normal Sound conditions, Backlight Lights On but the image does not appear.

Repair case study LG LEDTV  24LN4100 model

LG TV repair case study LG 24LN4100 model
I got a television set from a consumer who said that the last few days, his Tv sounded normal but there was no picture display.

LG LED color TV 24LN41xx

After I checked and noticed, it turns on the screen there is still light from the backlight, but the image can not appear.

We immediately disassemble and check the B + part that leads to the LCD panel, after I check it B + voltage does not appear at all.

Then I unplugged the LVDS connector, and I checked directly to the Mainboard line, it was also the same result, that the B + device did not appear.

After I looked for LG LED service manual LED model 24LN4100, I noticed that the B + voltage in the supply of a DC-DC converter circuit through an IC and some supporting components.

And after looking at the schematics in the service manual, there should be a B + voltage emerging from the DC-DC converter circuit. But it does not appear, so the damage lies in this circuit.

To ensure that only a DC-DC converter circuit for B + supply supply to I would be advised to provide a B + voltage from the outside, ie a stable adapter or power regulator.

And then I turn on the tv, blaaaa ,, it turns tv can light up perfectly, appear normal voice and picture.

Then i was check IC DC-CD konverter with model MP1584EN has been damaged, and i replace it. Then the tv was normal again. For download  MP1584EN please download now.

For those of you who are in need of service manual tv LG LED model 24LN4100, please download.

Download service manual LG LED color TV 24LN41xx

In this service manual you can learn about schematic diagram, troubleshooting, spesification of voltage for device and other.

Document in PDF format, so you must install PDF reader like Adobe Reader , Foxit Reader and other similar software.

Download service manual Or View Document