The parts on the LG Color LED TV 24LN4100

The parts on the LG Color LED TV 24LN4100 – Step by Step knowing parts on LG Color LED TV model 24LN4100 and how to work each part or block also its constituent components.

About LG LED TV Model 24LN4100

Every TV product in the form of CRT, LCD or LED of LG brand is accompanied by Service Manual Guide for the sake of improvement.

By having a guide in the form of service manual, then when fixing the device will be easy and fast.

Parts on LG LED TV Model 24LN4100

Each electronic device has parts that can form a device into a single unit, as well as for LG LED TV Model 24LN4100.

Understanding parts by part of this device is essential to correct in the event of damage or dysfunction.

LG LED TV The 24LN4100 model has components or components that are assembled in a case.

LCD Panel or LED panel

Useful for displaying images or visuals generated by processes on the mainboard.


Mainboard serves to process the whole process of the program, broadcast, sound, image settings, display images and others.


Adapter is a power source to drive all components on the mainboard and also backlight LCD panel and LCD panel circuit.


Speakers work to produce sound or audio generated from the mainboard.

Remote Control

remote control is used to control tv remotely without forming a tv device. It is also used to perform any settings related to image, broadcast, input device and service mode at the time of repair.

IR recevier

The IR receiver functions to receive command signals from the remote control to be forwarded to the Central Processing Unit or IC program.

By understanding in part-by-section and its function, then we will be easy when doing the repair LG LED TV Model 24LN4100 device . For understanding further.

For understanding further, please downlad service manual from servicesparepart blog. Or you can also looking for about service manual tv on CM Download.

In the service manual will be explained various things related to technical issues on LG LED TV Model 24LN4100.

In the service manual there is an explanation how to troubleshoot or troubleshooting, there are schematic diagrams, there are parts of parts and how to unload the device.

Please download and store on your computer or laptop or gadget for use at any time if needed.

May be useful.


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