Tekonsha 90195 P3 Electronic Brake Control Review

Tekonsha P3 Electronic Brake Control is easy to see, clear LCD display with select-a-color options. It has electric or hydraulic switchable easy to understand diagnostics, dashhugging design and is compact. Fit Selectable patented boost feature to stop easy access and up-front controls. Shortcut for easy storage with a storage pouch.

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Customer Reviews

By DeusEx on December 26, 2010
Consider this … Combining cost of your towing vehicle and trailer Combining weight of your towing vehicle and trailer … The fact that your trailer can weigh well over tow vehicle … and that idiot who just jumped in your lane then hit his brakes This is not the time to think to yourself, I need a better brake controller might have been.” Seriously, when the difference in cost is less than $ 100, it really is not worth buying the best?

I’ve used the Tekonsha P3 for two and a half years now and I have nothing but praise to sing! Features, usability, and the results! This unit has it all. Let’s first talk about the mechanism. It uses a digital G-sensor as embodied in a physical pendulem. Why is this a benifit? Because there is no downhill issues that you see with the physical and analog type sensors. Would Prior to digial sensors, throw off the descent of the pendulem and the brake controller would either send a weaker flow to the brakes or none at all. Some people have the reliablity of digital sensors questioned. But with more than 10 years of full production of digital units, complaints are actaully less than the older analog devices. Also, consider this sensor is not only faster but also more accurate, hard to soft brakes now much safer. How does it work? Like any other accelerometor it feels volume delay and then calculates a suitable voltage and current to send to the trailer brakes based on a percentage of the output setting of the user’s max.

By P. Edinger on April 15, 2008
I bought the P3 just prior to a trip to Florida pulling a large dual trailer axle with a 2007 Toyota Tundra. I also bought the wiring for the P3, which was designed for the already installed factory towing package.
The brake controller came by UPS the day before my trip and I took it out to install the truck and frankly more time trying to figure out where I wanted to put it than it took to setup. After mounting the controller with the supplied bracket I backed into the trailer and the trailer connected and followed the instructions for setting up the brakes.
Everything worked as advertised and it handled the trailer very well. When loaded for the backhaul to Grand Rapids, the trailer was 10k + pounds. The trip went well and I used both the proportional and the manual settings to see how they worked. Again I was pleasantly surprised when it worked as advertised and there was not much of a learning curve. There were plenty of options, such as lighting and colors etc I fooled with a little, but not extensive. It stays about 15 minutes after power is shut off to hold the brakes of the trailer while you’re outside.
My overall impression was very good and I have no negative comments on this point. I especially liked the option of a harness which is specially made for my car – it was one of the easiest electronic equipment I’ve ever done.