Toshiba 32RL958 LED TV

Toshiba RL958B introduced at IFA, Berlin in September 2012 with a number of new features to increase the range. We know no more cut-throat than the market for LED TV / LCD 32 inch and, thus, 32RL958 face immense competition from all and sundry. At its launch price, in the back in 2012, of £ 449 it will face competition but ask the almighty online while under £ 299 so approached the entry-level status, when you consider the goods on offer, it seems very reasonable. So do not RL958 which provide midhigh end performance at a midlow end budget? Onwards

Toshiba 32RL958 LED TV

Toshiba does not claim to have any designer input RL958B named they are always keen to promote Jacob Jansen in the set of high-end but the RL looks pretty much like a shrunken version of the recently last WL968, except for the lack of metaleffect bezel strip outside; The plain black but it was not a problem for us and bezel, itself, is quite narrow measuring about one centimeter to the top and sides and a double in the bottom corner with a mirror in which the plastic in the same way with WL. It’s certainly a more attractive package than the RL858 last year, which have all seen the metal we do not really care.
We can not imagine the absence of a fourth HDMI port RL958 has three will present a lot of problems in a television of this size but if your HDMI source means you need more, you at least once. Two HDMI inputs are facing out of the back and accompanied with an antenna connection, a LAN port, a SCART socket, Component Video In together with L / R audio jacks, DSUB VGA PC connection, USB ports and optical digital audio out. The connection that comes with a headphone jack, another USB input and CAM slot. There are also four buttons for on / off and pick up and drop for both the volume and channel selection.

conection port Toshiba 32RL958 LED TV

We discuss the Toshiba Smart TV platform recently but since we do a review, Toshiba has supported offerings RL958 with Skype, WiFi Direct (WiDi), and MediaGuide the new browser. Setting up the builtin WiFi manually is a bit of a chore and there are no instructions for the on-screen keyboard meaning we have to work out what the backspace, and enter the character switch button for ourselves, which is a tad frustrating; Toshiba recall that the router does not everyone have one button configuration. Toshiba Places their online portal retain the same appearance and structure, and we like the looks striking redon-black. We should try Skype with new Toshiba Freetalk Conference videocam / mic add-on and it works very well. Audio is quite clear, even a little too hard on the default setting, and the video quality is definitely passable although you will need to make sure that the room is well lit another another caller will be hard pressed to pick you out at the other end.


Energy consumption

Standby: 0W

The following measurements were taken with a 50% full-screen white pattern:

Outof-theBox Standard Mode: 46.3W
Calibrated Day Hollywood mode: 39.1W


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